Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bentley continental GTC detail - Derby

Thanks for viewing yet another car detailing adventure with Beau Technique in Derbyshire.

A client from end of 2011 with which we detailed his Ferrari 599 GTB made contact early this year with regards to a newly acquired Bentley GTC in midnight blue with magnolia leather trim. The vehicle had an apparent hint of cigar smoke odour within the interior which was something to be tended to along with minimising visibility of swirl markings in the paintwork. 2 days were set aside for some much needed detailing tlc. Our enhancement detail with interior valet and odour removal plus soft top cleaning and protection.

The car on arrival...

Vehicle had been used and enjoyed since acquirement and of course, with the roads due to the bad weather we have had recently, understandable levels of soiling. 

Roof was lightly dampened with water ready for Renovo soft top cleaner. 

After around 15 minutes this was agitated with a medium stiffness brush to ensure grime is loosened yet roof fabric is not tarnished.

Rinsed throughly then on with the wash regime.

Vehicle rinsed thoroughly.
All lower sections, engine bay, arches, tyres, wheels and doorshuts pre soaked with Bilthamber surfex HD.
Engine compartment, wheels tyres etc agitated with various brushes.
Arches cleaned thoroughly with mid stiffness brush as to ensure grime is loosened and removed rather than moved about.
Washed using 2 bucket method with Carbon Collective wooly wash mitt and CarChem luxury shampoo.
Iron X applied, left for a couple of minutes then wiped over with microfibre towel to ensure product is fully active and giving best productivity of itself.
CarChem tar and glue remover applied to soften and remove tar deposits on wheels and paintwork.
Clayed using I4Detailing claybar and Valetpro citrus bling cut 50ml to 500ml which is a staple clay lube plus seem's to aid in decontaminating somewhat better due to its citrus content.
Final thorough rinse then dried using Bears Wax Factory super soft and plush microfibre towels plus excess water blown out of panel gaps with blow tool via compressor.

Products and tools used:

Bilthamber surfex HD
Autosmart smart wheels
CarChem tar and glue remover
Carpro iron X
CarChem luxury shampoo
Car Collective wooly wash mitt ( that thing is massive I can assure you )
Various brushes
3 buckets, 2 containing grit guards
Bears wax factory super soft drying towels

Wheeled into the quite spacious garage and inspected for paint thickness and defect levels under lighting. Paint thickness was a little scatty and a couple of suspect areas where paintwork had been carried out so caution adhered to upon these said areas.

Passenger door...


Passenger rear quarter...


Passenger front wing before...


Front bumper before...


Bootlid 50/50 bravado...

After completed...

Machine polishing was undertaken with the following tools and products:

Scholl Concepts S17+
3M ultrafina SE
Menzerna PO85rd finishing polish
Lake Counrty foamed wool pads
Scholl Concepts orange sandwich polishing pads
Meguiars D300 microfibre correction compound
3M yellow polishing pads
3M blue finishing pads
Chemical Guys hexlogic white and green polishing pads
Scholl Concepts blue polishing spot pads
3M yellow polishing spot pads

Interior was tended to with a thorough vacuum.
Complete interior cleaned with weak dilution of Autosmart G101 and Angelwax heaven for leather cleaner.
All relevant areas tended to with various brushes.
Woodwork waxed with beeswax.
Engine bay polished and dressed.
Tyres dressed.
Wheels sealed.
Exhausts polished.
Arches dressed.
Front grille ( became soul destroying to the end ) tended to.
Soft top proofed and protected.
Paintwork finished in our own carnauba wax, Meilluer

The fruits of our 27 hours later...

Thanks for looking